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A Detailed Knowledge About Male And Female Impotence

Some people experience different kinds of sexual problems and some not. There are many kinds of sexual problems that both men and women can experience at any stage of their life. Usually, it has been seen that mostly those people experience sexual problems who are over aged. In this article, I am going to share my knowledge regarding the impotence in men and women. Let us start with impotence in men. What is impotence? Impotence is basically the incompetency of a person to have sex like a normal person. If the person is facing different problems in doing sexual intercourse then will be called as impotent. What is impotency is man? A man is impotent when he is unable to erect his penis for sexual intercourse. It is a natural phenomenon that the penis becomes erect when the man thinks about something that is making him sexually excited. If the person is impotent, then he will face problem in either getting penile erection or maintaining it for long time. Study shows that a man gets penile erection when the blood flow becomes high. Without increasing the blood flow rate, no one can get penile erection whether he is normal or not. In order to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence, it is necessary to enhance the blood flow rate by different ways. Some doctors recommend their patients to use Viagra, Levitra or Cialis so that they act on specific enzyme; the enzyme that has the ability to increase or decrease the blood flow. If the person is still unable to get erection after using the medicines, then he needs either surgical treatment or the use of electronic pump. These both ways are useful in increasing the blood flow rate.

female sexual dysfunction

Let us discuss about the female sexual dysfunction that has become common in many women. The numbers of victims are increasing daily because women are not aware of the causes of female sexual dysfunction. There are some medications which women take for the treatment of other health problems also become the cause of female sexual dysfunction. Antidepressants, chemotherapy drugs, blood pressure medication and antihistamines drugs are some medications which are responsible for sexual dysfunction. Some physical conditions like headache, pelvic surgery. Fatigue, multiple sclerosis and arthritis also become the cause of female sexual dysfunction. Since main causes of female sexual dysfunction has been discussed here so it is the responsibility of women to see whether they are having any of these causes or not. In addition to this, they should also go to doctor’s clinic after every month for the checkup. This medical checkup will ensure whether you are fit and healthy or not. There are some other things too which you can do to maintain your health e.g. doing morning exercise, daily running and walking, working out in gym. These all things can make your healthy and good in a few months. If you want to know more about impotence then you can read other articles too containing useful information.

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