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Things To Know About Female Sexual Dysfunction

Women also do have hectic schedule at their home either they are housewives or not. Women experience same things which a man can in his daily life. So the chances of getting health problems are high for both men and women. There are some specific health problems which are only related to women as some are related to men. In this article, I am going to talk about a sexual problem in woman that is lack of sexual desire. This problem is called as female sexual dysfunction. This sexual dysfunction could be due to lack of sexual desire or due to inability to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse. Some women also say that they are having problem with sexual desire. Whatever the problem is, the woman will be said as impotent because she is unable to do sexual intercourse with her partner.

Things To Know About Female Sexual Dysfunction

There are some factors which may increase your risk of sexual dysfunction. These things may be taken as causes of female sexual dysfunction. Depression, anxiety, neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury, kidney or liver failure, emotional or psychological stress, heart or blood vessel disease and any sexual abuse are be the reasons of female sexual dysfunction. Some people get them accidently while some take time, but the thing you need to do is to prevent them as much as possible. Another thing that you should keep in mind, that never hesitate in telling your doctor about the medical problems you are having. Your doctor must have an idea about every health problem and it is only possible when you keep in contact with him. Moreover, you should also meet him after every week or month so that he can thoroughly check your health condition and recommend you some medication if you are suffering or have symptoms of any medical problem.

Another thing plays an important role in making a woman impotent and it is lower estrogen level inside the body. It makes certain changes in genital tissues and response to sexual activity. The skin are that is covering clitoris becomes thin and most of the area exposes. The more time it is exposed, the more it will become less sensitive. With the decrease in sensitivity, it is not easy to for a woman to experience in orgasm in lesser time even when she is sexually excited. So in a way, the hormones also play a role in making a woman impotent. Let us talk about the ways through which a woman can treat her sexual dysfunction. Before taking proper medication, it is necessary for a woman to make some changes in her life style. If she is not exercising regularly, she should include it. Moreover, healthy diet is also necessary during sexual dysfunction treatment. Since sexual dysfunction is usually caused by depression and anxiety, so you should avoid all those things which are becoming the cause of depression. After doing so, you will feel a good change in yourself. Proper medication is also needed apart from such changes.

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