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Women And Migraine

Women’s health issues are relatively higher and different from that of men. Biologically women are different and go through Bio social changes during their reproductive years from twelve to fifty years of age. Women’s psychological makeup too is different and high sensitive. Therefore the afflictions of women are significantly higher when compared to men.

Migraine is one of the afflictions that is suffered by women world over than men. Of course men do suffer from migraine; however the numbers are significantly lower than that of women. Millions of women from young ages are known to suffer from varying degree of migraine and many continue to suffer for a number of years. Migraine attack leaves women confined to darkroom and their life gets disrupted. They are unable to attend office or even manage chores at home.

Depending upon the type and severity of migraine, women are found to suffer from mild to severe pain in one side of the head, moving headache, throbbing pain, blinding pain etc. In most cases migraine tends to make women nauseate and vomit. They also develop sensitivity to sunlight, bright light and colors. The causes of migraine in women can vary from hormonal changes and PMS to sudden aversion to some type of food, stress and weather etc. Migraine attack robs women of their sleep as well as normal life.

There are many types of migraines and treatment options. However if migraine has been caused due to genetic and hereditary factors or if the patient is prone to anxiety and stress attacks causing migraines, medication can only control the severity of attacks but not cure the patient. Long term use of painkillers and neuro inhibitors can impact their body and accumulation of toxins too.

Women need to adopt two pronged approach to fighting migraine. One option would definitely be to depend upon drugs to kill the pain, to relax and get over the attack. However, long term use of medication should be avoided. The second option would be to identify the factors that are responsible for triggering migraine and to make changes to one’s lifestyle to try and avoid those triggers.

Holistic migraine treatment involves detoxification of the body, of changing the diet and improving nutrition as well as imbibing relaxation techniques such as listening to music, meditation, painting or any such stress relieving exercises. Color therapy, hydro therapy and reflexology as well as acupuncture and Yoga are the alternate therapies one can explore to keep migraine at bay.

Women do not have a choice but to fight migraine. Instead of letting migraine cripple their life, it is better that they make up their mind and exercise will to overcome the situation. A positive and relaxing life filled with peace and quiet is conducive to avoid migraine attacks. Body nutrition and exercises play a very important role too.

Migraine comes in different forms and the causes too are very many. It is important to identify the right type of migraine and attempt specific treatment. In many cases migraine can be a combination of real migraine as well as painful conditions like fibromyalgia or spinal nerve compressions. In most cases of migraine, it is known to be hereditary. Women are genetically and hormonally prone to migraine. In some cases migraines come before pregnancy or before the onset of menstrual cycle and disappear thereafter. But severe migraine takes several weeks for the patient to recover.

Migraine cannot be cured by managed or prevented. With trial and error methods one can watch out and prevent migraines. The bottom line is that women should be strong willed to fight the battle and not lose out to migraine. There is no other way.

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