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Woman, Thy Name Is Beauty

When god made men, he thought of someone who would be physically strong, fearless, brave and someone who is able to be objective in his outlook and shouldering responsibilities and of leadership. When he made women, he perhaps first thought of beauty and then of love. He therefore made women special by making her physically as well as emotionally beautiful and made her the focal point of family. He endowed her with the beauty and qualities that made her nurture her family, children and everyone around her. God filled women with all of the soft and feminine qualities of love, caring, forgiving, giving, nurturing and more importantly praying and mothering.

Spiritual science and Metaphysics says that we are all souls and it is only the body that has the sex identification, meaning only when we take on the human bodies we identify with the sex of the body. However, it is but clear that the male and female psyche and mental buildup is totally different.

When we say that women are beautiful, what exactly do we mean by it? By and large everyone refers to the physical beauty of the woman. The term ‘woman’ conjures up the image of a beautiful form in our minds. Women’s beauty lies in her features, body and her feminity. If you look at the pictures of goddesses and angels etc, you will see them depicted as ethereal beauties. They are seen to have well proportioned body with beautiful features. Secondly, we refer to the feminity of the person. There are several aspects to a woman being feminine and beautiful. Apart from her feminine features, it is her awareness of her feminity as in her body that shows up as the real beauty. A beautiful woman knows that she is beautiful and this is evident in her body language and behavior. Not every woman is self conscious or feminine. There are many women who are plain human beings devoid of any sexuality in their body language. Beautiful women on the other hand express their beauty explicitly knowing the effect they have on the others.

Women’s beauty is their best asset as well as their enemy. There are many cases of wars being fought by men in order to possess beautiful women. Beauty of women can become a major weakness with men who are likely to take unacceptable risks in order to possess or be associated with such beauties. Beauty in women can become the cause of rift between a couple where the man can feel possessive or does not like others appreciating his wife’s beauty. It can bring out the worst in the man. Beautiful women often get trapped into marriages which are not based on true love but based on the physical beauty. With passage of time and age when the beauty fades, they find the foundation of their marriage shaking.

However all of the above problems of beauty are mostly limited to those cases where the physical beauty of the woman is appreciated and sought after. In the general society, a woman is considered beautiful going by her virtues and her persona rather than her physical beauty alone. Thank God for that.

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