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What are the Female Sexual Dysfunctions?

As per a research conducted by the reputed organization known as Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, sexual dysfunctions and disorders in body’s normal sexual functioning are considered to be the most common psychological problem which bothers the general population in recent times. Such a sexual disorder may lead to various problems, which include a person’s inability to get or reach an orgasm, extreme pain during sexual activities and intercourses, lack of urge or desire for engaging in sexual acts and irregular sexual cycle or exaggerated sexual urge.

Female Sexual Disorder

What are the Causes of such Sexual Problems in Women?

It has been seen that in women, the sexual disorders are a direct impact of both the physical as well as psychological disorders. In fact, a recent study shows that approximately 45 percent of the women population in the United States of America has experienced some or the other form of sexual dysfunction in their life. What is even more surprising is that 15 percent of the women have reportedly accepted the fact that the cause of such sexual tension is high tension and daily stress. In order to diagnose and counter these problems, various female centric diagnoses have been devised, which include vaginismus, dyspareunia, orgasmic dysfunction, hypo-active sexual urge dysfunction, and etcetera.

What are the Treatment Options for Female Sexual Dysfunctions?

It has to be carefully noted that the treatment for the women having female sexual disorders must be symptom generic, which means that the treatment procedure should be determined after analyzing all the psychological as well as the physical symptoms of the illness. Proper management and successful consultation will prove to be a major stride towards a medication-free therapy, which will focus mainly on counseling, changing your current lifestyle, some physical exercises, using lubes and moisturizers, and using some sexual toys.

However, there are also options for treatment using various sexual disorder drugs, such as hormonal therapy (which includes introducing some extra amount of useful hormones like estrogens, androgens and tibolone), PDE inhibitors (such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis), psychotropic drugs (such as bupropion, fibanserin, buspirone), and some popular herbal medicines which have demonstrated sufficient and acceptable results of usefulness, but, on the other hand, also displayed some crucial symptoms of side effects.

Can the PDE5 Inhibitors like Viagra be Useful for the Women?

The Phosphodiesterase inhibitors (PDE5-inhibitors) which include medications such as Cialis (tadalafil), Viagra (sildenafil) and Levitra (vardenafil) are considered to enhance the stream of flow of blood to the vaginal and clitoral areas. It works with the same basic principle which is implemented for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in the men.

While, on one hand, the use of these PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra have taken the treatment of sexual disorders in men to a whole new level; whereas on the other hand, usage of such medications have not produced excellent results in the case of treating sexual dysfunctions in the women. Although, there have been some reports which have claimed the use of Viagra as a success for the female body, yet, there is a very restricted data on this topic and only time will tell whether Viagra can be as useful for the women as it is for the men.

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