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Understanding and Wellbeing

When we are told that men have their brains in the wrong place, it is quite natural that we might get upset. But it is also true that most men are always preoccupied with the thought of sex most of the times. This phenomenon is not only limited to the young but even with older men too. Billions of dollars are spent by men in search of better sexual experience as well as to increase their libido. The net result is that people have a different view about sex and much of their idea about sex is hyped.


Sex is but a natural biological drive similar to thirst and hunger. In fact sex and health are closely related. When men engage in excessive sex, they end up having health problems. Loss of vitality and vigor is the first result of excessive sexual engagement. Sexual libido is directly the result of hormones that are produced and activate in the body. Along with the growth life cycle of the body, the sexual drive too has a life cycle. With puberty, the hormone production peaks in the youth and this is why we call them hot blooded as they tend to be very passionate and aggressive. With the reaching of adulthood, the libido continues to be strong but the lifestyle and the other environmental effects on the body does take its toll on the individual’s overall health as well as his libido. Men who are on high profile jobs that is stressful and high responsibility roles tend to effect their vitality and libido as well. Exhaustion and stress are the two major reasons that rob man of his libido.

Modern day lifestyle has given rise to lifestyle diseases as well due to the sedentary habits. Diabetes and blood pressure are the two major contributors to the lifestyle diseases. Both these are known to cause erectile dysfunction in men by affecting the blood supply to the nerves in the penile erectile tissues. In such event the individual has no option but to seek medical assistance to find solution to the problem. An active lifestyle is very essential in the middle ages to maintain good physical health as well as good sexual health. The sexual hormone production in the body remains stagnant and steady at this period.

Approaching fifties signals the onset of andropause in men wherein the body begins to reduce the production of testosterone hormone and this results in the reduction of sexual drive in men. This is also a very critical age at which most men are likely to find themselves facing health problems either hereditary or due to environmental and lifestyle factors. Reduction of sexual drive needs to be understood and accepted by the individual as a natural aging process. However in reality many men refuse to accept the changes in their body health and their libido and go looking for various means and solutions to increase their libido thus damaging their health further.

Sex is not purely a physical function or drive but has also to do with one’s mind and emotions. Scientists will tell you that the pleasure during sex is experienced in the mind and not in the body. Understanding of these factors Is essential for every man to be able to develop the right attitude and idea about himself, his sexual health as well as his overall health and well being.

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