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Sexual Ability of Women Connected to Heart Rate

Sexual health is important for every human being and disable people may feel shame from other people. There are many parameters available to measure the sex ability and many of the medicines are also available to enhance the ability of sex. In this study, the researcher found the connection between the heart rate and sexual ability in women. Heart rate is defined as that how many times heart beat in a unit of time. And it was noted that there are the decrease in sexual ability in women who has less heart rate variation. Similarly variability is the difference of the duration of heart beat in the same duration of time. So, researcher continued that variation in the heart beat may affect the women sexual ability.

For this purpose, seventy two women were subjected to study between 18 to 39 years old. There heart beat were noted in different time while women were watching erotic and normal movies. The study proved that women who had less than the average of heart beat variation were less likely of women sex ability. This study only explains the relationship between heart rate and sexual ability and does not explain its cause and effects. A leader of this research Amelia Stanton said, it is proven that less heart beat variation may affect the arousal of women’s sex or may produce different kind sexual problems.

She continued that less heart rate can be caused due to the anxiety, use of alcohol and due to depression. It is not a special issue but it also helpful to explain the sexual ability of women. More over heart rate is also beneficial to explain the sexual ability and it is an easy, cost effective and non instructive method, Stanton said. Before this research, many of the researches explained the resting heart rate with erection problems of men.

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