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Every woman wants to be a mother. Wanting to become a mother and bring up her own children is naturally implanted biological drive and nature’s way of ensuring propagation of species. Similarly every man grows up and automatically wishes to get married and father children. In fact the ability to father children is built into the psyche of man and to a large extent it is a part of his ego too.

Traditionally once the couple are married and settled down, it is natural for the extended family to expect them to start planning for pregnancy and children after the first year of marriage. Now days of course the urban lifestyle has redefined the relationships and as such the couples are left alone to choose their lifestyle and pattern. In case of any failure or problem in conception, normally the woman is first suspected to have fertility problems. In the olden days there used to be a lot of social stigma attached to infertile women. However today the situation has changed. Infertility and problems with conception are no longer limited to women alone. The percentage of men suffering from infertility has also increased.

In current times the causes of fertility are mainly related to poor sexual health of the couple. Both men as well as women suffer from several lifestyle diseases and conditions that make it difficult for them to conceive. Most men are known to drink and smoke. Those who start this habit early in life run the risk of damaging their sexual health and become impotent. Commonly people do not know the fact that there is a direct connection between the emotional and mental state of men with their sexual health. Emotional trauma and suffering can bring about erectile dysfunction and related problems. Though physically the man may appear to be fit and fine, he may not be able to perform satisfactorily in terms of his sexual performance. The present lifestyle is also a major cause of sexual dysfunction and poor sexual health in men and women. Though materially we live in a rich and advanced society, the fears and stress levels have increased tremendously. Life is full of uncertainty and insecurities. Though men do appear strong and resilient, everyone does not have the emotional balance and strength to face the hurdles in life. Many men succumb to pressure and suffer from nervousness and depression etc. These may not be apparent in the external behavior of men but from within the emotional upheavals manifest in the form of erectile dysfunction as well as digestive problems and loss of immunity etc.

To be able to conceive and have a healthy child, it requires mental as well as physical preparation on the part of the couple. Physical health as well as emotional health of both plays an important role in conception as well as in the continuation of pregnancy. The man and the woman need to be physically fit and their sexual health should be good too. If the man is too tired and pre occupied or vice versa, they are unlikely to be able to create the right environment for conception.

Understanding of the natural rhythm of the body, mind and the soul and the romance of love needs to be felt and understood by the couple to be able to create and give birth to new life.

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