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Mental health checkups needed

Normally we associate the words health care with physical health and medical facilities. However the fact is that health of an individual encompasses his physical health as well as his mental and emotional health. Mental health is more important for it is the mind that first sows the seeds of disease and the body reflects the mental condition. The thoughts of health problems and issues arise first as thoughts in the mind and the thoughts in turn affect the body. We all know that stress, worry and anxiety affect our mind and the resultant effect on the body shows in the form of hyper tension, diabetes and fatigue etc. Therefore when we talk of preventive and regular medical care for one and all, we need to include the mental health care as well.

Women are more prone to mental problems when compared to men. Their psychological makeup being different makes them sensitive and emotionally reactive too. With the multiple roles that women play in one life time, they naturally tend to take on too many challenges and face problems all through their journey of life. A mother is always worried about her children. Financial worries, relationship problems and fear of the future are common worries faced by most women.

Depression is one of the most common ailments that millions of women suffer from at one point of time or the other in life. Some women suffer from Premenstrual syndrome and feel depressed during such times. There are others who get depressed with a gloomy and cloudy weather outside. There are yet others who are unable to cope with life’s challenges and setbacks and get depressed. Depression can be easily overcome if diagnosed and treated in the initial stages. Therapy and counseling can help the woman recover from her illness. However when people continue to get depressed over a longer period of time and it becomes chronic, then the treatment might call for hospitalization and medication as well. Many women who go through severe trauma during childhood tend to bear the same in silence and bury their memories and feelings. As they grow up, situations in life bring back those memories to the forefront and pushes them into deep depression too. In many cases women may be genetically predisposed to depression and it might run in the family. There are many types of depression and varying degrees of depression.

Recognizing the tendencies and one’s mental makeup early will help women prevent mental problems. Mental health and physical health depends upon a happy state of mind and attitude. Life’s challenges need certain amount of courage, faith, trust and willingness to work towards overcoming challenges however tough they may be. Therefore the underlying cause of depression can be the personality disorder and a faulty attitude which makes the person escape into a depressive state of mind rather than rise up to the situation and fight.

Women need to start visiting counselors regularly as a part of annual health checkups and make it a habit to review one’s mental state and health. It pays to invest in keeping one’s mental health fit and fine and the physical health will automatically follow.

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