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Is Modern Day Lifestyle Healthy?

Modernization and advancement of science and technology has changed our lifestyle beyond recognition. Life has never been so easy and comfortable. Every chore and task can now be automated and gadgets are available to help us manage all our domestic jobs at home. Internet enables people to pay their utility bills, book tickets, conduct your business, bank on line, watch movies, chat with family and friends as well as make new friends over social media networks without having to move out of your chair in your study.

True, the quality of life is much better today as compared to earlier. But then is it really a healthy life? This question needs to be answered by one and all over a period of time. Take the case of women. They are found juggling their careers and home at the same time. With too many roles to play, are they able to pay attention and quality time to their children? What about themselves? Do they have enough time to give themselves quality time rather than having to worry about finance management? The present lifestyle calls for women to contribute to the household income. They are forced to keep running after earning money in order to ensure a smooth life. Many women who are career oriented and successful in their professional life may not agree with this. But take a look at what is happening in terms of their health.

You will be surprised to know that the rate of infertility amongst women is increasing. More and more couples are thronging to the clinics for fertility assistance. In most cases doctors attribute their high pressure lifestyle filled with tensions and anxiety to be the cause of their inability to conceive. More and more young women in their youth are found to suffer from multiple ovarian cysts and seek medical assistance. The trend of women of 40s and above having intra uterine fibroids has increased significantly over the years. Going in for surgery to remove the uterus has become a common occurrence. All these abnormal occurrences are the results of the body’s response to external stress. When the mind is stressed out and needs to gear up to face an external stressful situation or challenge, it signals the body to gear up to brave the fight. Body accordingly releases adrenaline and other chemicals. Such situations occurring too frequently results in hormonal imbalance, excessive menstrual bleeding and fibroids etc.

Though the medical technology is advanced and provides for laparoscopic and minimal invasive surgeries as well as targeted drug therapies to effectively deal with the problems, each of these treatments and surgeries take their toll on the body and health.

It is important for every woman of today to sit back, think and review her priorities in life keeping in mind the quality of life and health. Otherwise, whatever she earns, she will end up paying for her medical bills. Today’s women are smart. They can figure out where they are going wrong and make the course correction very fast. But then not many understand the fact that the traditional lifestyle involving physical labor and absence of too many tensions and pressures in life meant a less glamorous but peaceful life. Finding the right balance between the old and the new would be the secret of a successful and healthy life.

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