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Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. This is a very famous line often quoted by everyone while referring to women. Not many may know the reason, but the meaning has its roots in astrology. Mars is a planet that represents a lot of energy and force. Venus represents feminine qualities and sensuality. Women are also associated with and compared to moon while we generally associate men with sun. This too has to do with the fact that the moon represents the mother, emotions and feelings in us. Therefore moon is associated with women.

Let us now delve a little into women’s health. Most people are aware of the physical health of the body and the mental health. They do know that the mental and emotional health effects the physical body too. But there is little knowledge of how the body gets sick. Medical health and care is able to diagnose the problem and provide treatment at a physical level alone. In many cases, despite the best treatment, the doctors are unable to help the patients recover. Of course medical research is unearthing grater secrets connected with DNA and genes etc. We are today talking about a whole new concept here.

The Indian and oriental sciences have delved into the secrets of the human mind and consciousness since times immemorial. Yoga explains the concept of how the soul and consciousness have descended into the physical form through the seven cerebrospinal plexus situated in the spinal column. These plexus are energy centers that are responsible for the working of the body through life force. It has been said that every disease has its roots in these plexus. Any negative emotion or feeling creates a disruption in the particular energy center and the disturbance in the flow of the life force energy to the particular parts of the body associated with that particular energy center. These energy centers are known as Chakras. The aura mapping of the human body clearly shows the deflection in the energy field or the aura of the person and points to the problem area in the body.

Women are by nature very sensitive and prone to getting disturbed emotionally. Every disturbed thought creates a particular pattern in the flow of energy. Understanding of this body and mind connection gives women the key to controlling their health. Meditation further helps in calming the breath and the mind. In turn the body is able to relax and rejuvenate. Those women who suffer from problems such as migraine, anxiety attacks and fears etc, will do well by practicing meditation on daily basis along with some Yogic breathing technique. Breathing techniques can do what the medicines cannot do for the body. Breathing techniques when practiced help increase the intake of oxygen into the body and distribute the same throughout the body.

Women are faced with so many challenges in life. Playing multiple roles, juggling with various responsibilities and life’s challenges call for higher strength from within as well as resilience. A healthy and strong mind, a sensible heart and a healthy body is needed for every woman to face life and win over all the battles. No medicine can help women in this area, where as mind control and body control techniques definitely can.

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