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Every woman wants both love and sex

There are different hobbies which a person adopt to spend his spare time. Some people like gardening and some like to read books. But many people do such things because they feel uncomfortable with their life partner. There could be multiple reasons behind weak relationship but one of the main reasons is less care. For a strong relationship, it is very necessary that both man and woman do care of each other. Woman should ask him about his health when he comes back from job, and man should also answer him gently rather than yelling. All in all, the wrong attitude of any of the members can be very bad for their relationship.

As far as concerned about sexual intercourse, the man likes to have sex with that person whose personality is attractive. A woman can be attractive for many men so the interest of woman in a particular man is also very important. A good sexual intercourse is only possible when both members are agreed on it and happy with each other otherwise they will not be able to enjoy the sex as they should. The needs of men and women are different during sexual intercourse. The man can get sexual satisfaction after ejaculation but woman requires much time. First of all, man should prepare the woman for sexual intercourse. If the vagina of woman is dry, it means she is not ready for sex. In this condition, a good foreplay before sexual intercourse can help the man in fulfilling half of her sexual desire. A natural lubricant starts releasing inside the vagina when woman is sexually excited. If a man is doing sex very first time, then it might be impossible for him to maintain his erection for longer time. After early ejaculation, he will not be able to continue the sexual activity in better way. That person can use different ways to increase his erection time. For example, using condom decreases the sensitivity of penis and thus keeps it erected for longer time than usual. Besides this, particular creams are also available in market which can be used to decrease the sensitivity of penis. Some medicines can also be used for this purpose but doctor’s recommendation is very necessary before their use. Apart from all these ways, foreplay can help you in a better way as compare to the use of such items. After foreplay, less time is required to completely satisfy the woman and the man can easily maintain his erection for that period of time.

Is it necessary to love someone before having sex with him? Well, it depends upon the person that what kind of relationship he wants to build with her. If he is finding her attractive, he will love her before asking her for sex. On the other hand, some people only consider opposite gender as a sexual partner. They do not believe in love. They just ask for sex after one to two dates with that person as it is their plan.

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