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Different Methods Of Contraception

Planning a family is a big task. With the growing urbanization, every family understands the importance of a correct family planning. Couples are getting modern, women are leaving their kitchen and focusing on their career, making a large family can disturb the financial condition of the household; thus, under all these circumstances, a correct family planning has become a must. The advancements of science have made it possible to plan a proper family. There are many birth control options that make that make the task very easy. Take a look at the different methods of contraception:

Birth Control Shot

Birth control shots, as the name suggest, are injections o a specific hormone that helps in birth control. The hormone prevents pregnancy for about three months. The hormone, progestin

Like other methods of birth control, the birth control shot releases a hormone — progestin — into the body. Hormones are chemicals made in our bodies. They control how different parts of our bodies work.

The progestin in the shot works by preventing the eggs from getting out of the ovaries and also they thicken the cervical mucus. As the mucus is thick, the sperm couldn't reach the egg. Thus, no pregnancy occurs

The shot is known as Depo-Provera (brand name) or by DMPA (medicine).

Birth Control Pills

This is one of the most common methods of preventing pregnancy. The birth control pills are taken regularly to prevent pregnancy. The pills contain hormones- estrogen and progestin. Some women take a combination of both the hormones, while some take progestin- only pills. This is a safe way of preventing unwanted pregnancy.

Birth Control Vaginal Ring

Also known as NuvaRing, is a small and a flexible ring that is inserted into the vagina once in a month and left there for 3 weeks and then is taken out for the last week every month. This ring releases hormones that prevent pregnancy.

Morning- After Pill (Emergency Contraception)

This pill prevents pregnancy after unsafe intercourse. As the name says, it is used for emergency contraception. There are two types of morning - Levonorgestrel pills and Ulipristal acetate. This is a safe and effective way to prevent pregnancy after unsafe sex.


Spermicide is a chemical that make sperm stationary and stop them from moving. They are present in different forms like film, gels, cream, foam as well as suppositories. You can use them alone or along with other contraceptive methods for better effects and results.

Birth Control Patch

This is also an effective birth control measure. A beige, thin, plastic patch is applied against the skin. I stick to the skin and prevent pregnancy. The patch is placed once a week, for 3 weeks and last week is left patch- free. It works by releasing hormones. The hormones prevent pregnancy in women.

There are several other contraceptive methods like Birth Control Sponge, Birth Control Implants, Vasectomy, Sterilization, IUD, Cervical Cap, Vaginal Condom, etc. So, use contraceptive measures, plan a family with your spouse, stay stress free and enjoy your life.

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