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Changing Times

Times have changed and everything in our life has changed. Today’s children are born with technology. Toddlers use tablets and laptops and grow up with an intuitive understanding of technology. Internet and IT systems has opened up the window to the world. Children are naturally curious and through internet they are able to access a vast amount of knowledge. It is not surprising therefore that children know all about sex much before they enter puberty. Once the boy or the girl attains the pre teens age, it is but natural that they get interested in sex. Schools have programs designed to introduce children to this topic. Sex education is a part of every school. But today’s children know all about sex education through internet and through their network of friends and are able to discuss openly and frankly about sex in their classes. The other trend that one gets to notice is that today’s children are able to speak about sex as a matter of fact and objectively. It is no longer looked upon as a taboo and spoken about in hush-hush tones.

Teenagers often hate speaking with parents and especially about sex and other related topics they would not feel comfortable at all. However, the parents cannot take a back seat and keep quiet assuming that the children are knowledgeable and that they are getting the required education at school. Especially in the current times where all kinds of information is available on the net and at the times where people with different sexual orientation are coming out in the public , all children will need the right guidance and understanding to be given to them by the parents.

Parents need not explain all about sex to their children. Rather, it is important for them to address two important and major topics that are related to the sex life of every individual. First and foremost it is important to make every boy and girl understand all about health and sex and how both are inter-related. Secondly, it is important to give an understanding of the different sexual orientation practiced by people in the society. Each individual would have a different view point and opinion regarding the sexual orientation of others or themselves. We need to be able to appreciate and accept people for what they are and learn to adapt to such new relationships.

When it comes to sex and health, there are many topics that are relevant and need to be understood by every individual. Sexual health is one matter and the individual’s health and sex, as well as their inter-relationship is another matter. Sex education in school and the counselor’s at school do often discuss and impart education about safe sex and the need for maintaining sexual health. However, understanding of one’s health and the relationship to sex is more important from a larger perspective. Sexual health of an individual is reflective of, as well as dependent upon the physical health and mental health of every individual. Excessive sexual engagement is detrimental both to the physical and mental health while lack of healthy sex is also indicative of problems faced by the individual at physical or mental level. The overall well being of every individual calls for moderation in sex and understanding of the delicate balance between sex, body health and the mental health as well. No class covers these topics. It is for the parents to give the right perspective to their children so that they grow up to be well rounded individuals.

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