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Chances of breast cancer are higher in women who sit too much

New study from Sweden reveals that spending too much time on sitting at work during on and off hours can increase the rate of breast cancer and endometrial cancer risk to manifolds.

Researchers gathered information of more than 29,000 Swedish women between 25 and 65 years of age who did not have cancer at study’s start. After this, the subjected women were followed for about 25 years. This study divided the subjects into three groups. One group is of those women who had sedentary job (like working in office) and did not show interest in recreational sports. Second group contained those women who had an office job but they did participate in recreational sports (like handball and running). Third group contains those women who have job which requires more physical activity like teaching and they also participated in sports activities.

It was found that women of first group have 2.4 times more chances of getting endometrial cancer and breast cancer compared to those who were active in either job or recreational sports. How the women who belong to first group can remain safe from endometrial cancer and breast cancer? Such women can spend short time in doing those activities which reduce their sitting time, like they can go to make their own coffee or can walk at work place, Said Anna Johnsson, one of the study’s authors and a physical therapist from Lund University in Sweden.

Such studies have also been done in past and these studies also show similar results. They describe the relation between cancer risk and inactivity. A study shows that sitting 2 hours more per day can increase the chances of endometrial cancer by 10 percent in women and colon cancer risk in people by 8 percent. And a study in 2011 shows that inactivity of women was linked with more than 50,000 cases of breast cancer in the United States each year. In addition to this, some studies explain that frequent short breaks during sitting work for walk or any other physical activity can limit the amount of molecules responsible for cancer risk.

Many studies have been carried out like this in order to find out more links of Women’s breast cancer with human activities. After knowing the results of these studies, people should give them much importance so that they can avoid such health issue. Such studies are also opening the gate for new researchers to put their efforts into it to gather best data and then to analyze it for fruitful conclusion.

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