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What is Addyi?

Day to day stressful activities and depression interferes with normal psychological and consequently physiological body functioning. Flibanserin is a recently developed drug capable of compromising depression and anxiety on part of the females, which are the chief inhibitors of normal sexual responses, and rehabilitate the depressed individual. The German pharmaceutical company known as Boehringer Ingelheim, in their course of developing an antidepressant, came up with flibanserin, the clinical trials of which showed excellent results in enhancing female sexuality. Not only does the drug claims to relieve mental stress but also to enhance an individual female’s emotional desires to copulate.

Being the first of its kind, flibanserin brings to a female all the pleasures of physical interaction by chemical mechanisms quite distinct from those employed by the drugs to cure male impotence. This ‘female sexual enhancer’ manipulates neuronal physiology of the female by mimicking the role of a neurotransmitter, serotonin, i.e. acting on serotonin receptors not to mention the vitality of serotonin receptors in maintaining vast collection of human responses such as emotions, sleep and growth. 5-hydroxytriptamine type 1A receptors fully and the D-4 dopamine receptors partially are stimulated by the drug. Absence of emotional factors that suppress individual’s requirement for sensual interaction and modification of the emotional tone towards sexuality leads to increased female sexual response.

Research and statistical approach illustrated potential efficacy of flibanserin in curing HSDD of females in pre-menopausal state. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder is becoming a serious issue concerning the females. Since, the drug has shown positive results regarding the cure of HSDD, scientists are further gearing their remarkable discovery to make the medicine of flibanserin even more effective.


Furthermore, the drug intoxication even with considerable doses has not been reported. The recommended dose of flibanserin is once a day to be administered orally for at least four weeks upon which the pronounced effects of the drug could be observable. Overall safety measures in use of the potent drug are strictly advised due to the side effects it might cause. Some of its side effects include dizziness, headache, nausea and fatigue since the drug interacts with neuronal pathways of CNS.

Hormonal treatments of female sexual disorders pose a number of side effects that flibanserin does not. Negative mood and other unpleasant side effects of HRT render them unreliable leading the women suffering from HSDD to resort to the dependable treatment of flibanserin. According to statistics, two out of every ten women suffer from HSDD the cure of which has now been developed.

All in all, flibanserin is capable of reducing the physical and emotional gaps between the two loving partners bringing the femininity of the female even further to natural boundaries of sexual pleasures. The drug could bring the sexual experiences of females from an initial of 2.8 times up to 4.5 times indicating the success of the drug.

Cure your HSDD today by ordering flibanserin from our online pharmacy at a single click. We are targeted to provide our clients standard quality flibanserin in the most affordable cost. Uplift your emotions and nourish your physical relations with flibanserin, the future of female sexual medications.

Impotence Affects in Both Males and Females

It has become very easy for the doctors to treat different kinds of medical problems with the help of surgery and many other different methods. Laser surgery is one of the latest introductions in medical field and many kinds of tumors are being treated with the help of laser. This useful introduction also helps a lot in treating sexual problems too. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem in men and through surgery it is made possible for the enough blood to flow through the penis so that the person who is suffering from erectile dysfunction can attain maximum penile hardness and stiffness. After getting enough hardness, the man can have sex with his partner. Well, the method I talked about is least practiced method because most of the doctors do not want to pass through the patient through surgical procedure unless it is necessary to do so. Since the main purpose in treating erectile dysfunction is to increase the blood flow, so doctors prescribe those medicines to the patient which have the ability to increase the blood flow. These medicines contain those chemicals which act on the enzyme responsible for increase and decrease of blood flow. Doctors usually prescribe their patient to take the medicine one hour before sexual activity so that he can get enough time to prepare himself for sexual activity and penis become erect. After getting the erection, the person can maintain it for more than 3 hours. It is when he takes the prescribed dose of right medicine. In case, he tried to take overdose then he may become the victim of priapism in which the erection lasts longer and the person may lose his erection after this permanently. So if you are taking medicines for penile erection but you are unable to get so, then you should talk to your doctor. He will either alter your medicines or will suggest you another way for erectile dysfunction treatment. This is all about the sexual dysfunction in men and its treatment.

Women may become the victim of sexual dysfunction too but their sexual dysfunction is related to reduction in sexual arousal or difficulty in getting this. Achieving orgasm is also a problem that is faced by many women who are considered as impotent. The causes of getting this sexual problem are pelvic surgery, headaches, fatigue, arthritis, urinary and bowel difficulty etc. There are some psychological problems like depression, multiple sclerosis and anxiety which may be the cause of female sexual dysfunction. Certain medications like blood pressure medications, chemotherapy drugs, antidepressants decrease your sexual desire and eventually make the woman impotent. It is highly recommended to all women either they are housewives or working outside that they should take care of their health. For this purpose, a regular contact with a good doctor will be beneficial for their health. The doctor knows better how you should respond to certain health problems. He will also guide you regarding those sexual problems which you can possible get in near future and will tell you the way to prevent them.

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