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Body Image

Women are truly blessed. They are blessed with the power to bring a new life to the world, with a loving and a caring soul, with a beautiful hear, a sharp mind and with a beautiful body and face. But, not all women are happy with what they have got. They are under constant spell of negativity regarding their bodies. They hate how they look. Some women have an issue with their lips, while some are unhappy with their nose. Some are worried about how thin they are, while for some their biggest concern is the unsightly body weight. One can always find them under the burden and pressure of looking good. In order to fit themselves into the decided norms of beauty, they tend to take some measures that hamper them physically, mentally as well as emotionally.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

It is a grave illness which makes person thinks that they are full of physical flaws. They often think about minor imaginary flaws of their skin, nose and hair. These women stay under constant stress and anxiety. They tend to stand in front of the mirror all the time, checking their appearance, trying hard to hide their so- called imperfections, pricking their skin and asking others about how they look?

The constant pressure of looking like a Barbie doll stress them to hell and hence, some women slip into depression, some isolate them from the world and some opt for several cosmetic surgeries. These women are also more prone to develop disorders like binge eating, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, over- exercising, etc.

Medications like SSRIs are prescribed to soothe them and decrease their compulsive behaviour. Cognitive behavioural therapy is also given to calm them down and lend them a little positivity.

Cosmetic Surgeries: Are They Really Worth It?

Women are spending big bucks on cosmetic surgeries. The field is blooming as more and more women are getting their physical attributes corrected. Breast augmentation, implants, rhinoplasty (nose job), Botox, liposuction and what not; women are going to a great extent to get the adjectives. But, not every woman gets the desired results. Cosmetic surgeries can sometime give permanent scars, not only in the body, but on soul too. There are many complications of cosmetic surgeries like hematoma, nerve damage, severe infections, permanent scarring, organ damage, seroma, excessive blood loss, anaesthesia complications, and the list is endless. Most of these complications are fatal.

General Appearance Dissatisfaction

This condition occurs when a woman is not satisfied with the outcome of the surgery. This thing happens often. Women may feel an asymmetry in the breast contour after breast surgery, some feel that their nose is looking uglier than ever, while some feel their lips are appearing swollen. This condition is quite troubling and can send women in blues.

Pregnancy And Body Image

Pregnancy brings about many physical, mental and emotional changes. Many women welcome these changes with open arms, while some get stressed out about the way their body is changing. The worry about body image is at peak during pregnancy. Under such circumstances a pregnant woman must concentrate on her baby, talk to their partners, exercise, eat healthy and try to understand that these changes are temporary and absolutely worth it.

Love Yourself

Our body is a special gift to us from the Almighty. Hating it is like hating him. Body image can be improved by a healthy lifestyle.

  • Regular work-out improves not only the body, but the inner side too. It gives confidence, boost self-esteem, energy levels and body image.
  • Eating healthy is the best thing you can do to look beautiful. Healthy eating habits benefit skin, hair and body.
  • Take rest to look good.

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