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Being Beautiful

Every girl wants to look beautiful. Beauty is something that each and every one aspires for. But then how many give it a thought and understand what it is to be beautiful? Looking beautiful and being beautiful are two different things. However this is not known to many people. Anybody can look beautiful. Especially with the kind of beauty aids and products available and the cosmetic solutions available, anybody can be made to look good. But then being beautiful cannot be bought or made to order.

Being beautiful is to do with the kind of the person that you are. Your beauty is the expression of your whole self. It is not only the physical beauty that we are talking about. They say that the eyes reflect the soul of the person. Similarly your thoughts and attitudes as well as your character shows up as your total persona. The more beautiful you are inside, you will look beautiful outside. It does not matter whether you are poor or rich, whether you have dark skin or fair, whether you have long hair or short hair, what matters actually is your heart, mind and soul. Your mental thoughts and feelings reflect in your behavior as well as in your body language. As long as you have positive thoughts and feelings, your body language will make you look beautiful.

Aren’t we all familiar with the characters of Sleeping beauty, of Alice in wonderland, Cinderella and other stories of beautiful princesses? Well all of these princesses are shown to be the most beautiful creatures on earth, not because of their physical attributes but because of their characters they are made to look beautiful.

Beauty is of the whole being and not of the body alone. Beauty has no age. You can be in your sixties and still look beautiful. There are many beautiful women in their late fifties and sixties who continue to command everybody’s looks. Princess Diana was a beautiful person from within as well as from a physical point of view. It was her persona that added that ethereal beauty and gave her form that regal and beautiful romantic look that won millions of hearts from all across the world.

The concept of beauty is often mistaken with the physical color of the skin, of the height of the person and the other physical attributes. But then one can be physically attractive but not necessarily beautiful. Models dress up well and look great on the ramp. But then, we do not perceive the beauty of their character and they do not come across as real persons. Where as a blind girl singing by the street walk or an old woman showing compassion and being kind to others can strike you as beautiful people.

Most of us are running behind trying to make ourselves colorful and smart. We spend hours working in the gym, spend hundreds of dollars buying every kind of cream and beauty solutions without really knowing that it is the inner mind and heart that needs to be looked after and made beautiful. The inner beauty will automatically throw up as the outer beauty.

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