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Beauty Is Within Each One Of Us

Everything in creation is beautiful. Creation is nothing but manifestation of god’s love and beauty. The variation in the colors of flowers, of the woods, the birds and the beauty of human heart are all the expressions of the divine spirit in beauty.

Women who wish to look beautiful

Each and every one of us is always looking to express beauty from within. At the external level we all want to look beautiful. This is not enough. We want to be beautiful persons from within too. So what do we mean by wanting to be beautiful from within? Not many of us give a thought to how we feel from within. Most of the people today are restless with worries, with too much of anxiety, tension and challenges of life. All of these are hurdles to expressing the beauty of the spirit within. Let us explain it a little more. Man’s nature is peace and love. When one is fully at peace with himself meaning his mind and heart are at rest without any worries or distractions, he is overcome with a sense of love and peace that exudes as beauty. The day to day life is engaging the mind all the time and causing it to be restless. That is why man loves to sleep because then the mind and heart are at rest and he is peaceful. When one is peaceful and brimming with love or positivity, you can see it in their eyes as well as in their whole being. It makes you want to be in their company all the time for it makes you feel good and you want to drink of that peace that they are enjoying.

Women who wish to look beautiful do not have to go around spending hundreds and thousands of dollars looking for beautification treatments that promises them eternal beauty and youth. Any external aid to beautification of the body is not long lasting. It is when the beauty is expressed through the pure heart that makes you beautiful and you begin to attract other people. When people say that you are beautiful, it does not necessarily mean that you are physically beautiful. Physical beauty is only one part of the aspect of visual beauty. Of course not all of us are endowed with physical beauty. Most of us are average looking people and only few are endowed with god given beauty in the form. However each and every one of us has a chance to become beautiful persons and beings by becoming beautiful and pure within.

The key to our inner happiness is to have the right thoughts that are in sync with our inner voice or conscience. Each of us is guided rightly by our inner conscience. However the voice of the inner self is drowned in the restless desires and thoughts that are gathered by the mind through the external sense perceptions. By stilling the mind using meditation techniques and by changing our inner environment we can become beautiful inside and reflect the same beauty outside as well.

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