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Beauty And Relationships

Women are always the subject of man’s dreams, fascination, musing and imagination. Men’s dreams and life are made colorful by women whom he fancies. It is a fact that men automatically notice a woman who passes by with or without any intention of watching them. This attention to the female species by men is instinctive. It is believed generally that the men always dream of women and sex, while women do not necessarily dream about men all the time.

Generally it is believed that men unconsciously or consciously look up to their mothers and look for the same characteristics of their mother in their partners. Even in a wife, the man unconsciously looks for a mother too. So it makes us wonder as to what it is that the man looks for in a woman when he chooses a partner.

Beauty is synonymous with women

Beauty is synonymous with women. The word woman conjures a picture of beautiful maiden in the minds of men. Obviously we are referring to the physical beauty of the woman. Generally speaking the physical beauty is something that is perceived by the observer through his visual senses. As much as the visual senses can grasp the image, the brain and mind interpret the data and arrive at a picture of the beauty of the woman and there is automatically a decision made as to whether the man would wish to engage with the thought and perception of that image further or discard the same. Some women may be beautiful but may not interest the observer who is not particularly interested in the physical aspect of beauty. There may be women who are beautiful and at the same time very sensual. The feminine sensual element in a woman improves her body language and sex quotient. Women who are aware of their sexuality and sensuality are likely to pay more attention to their figure and appeal thereby attracting the attention of those men who are sensitive to the sex appeal.

Though unconsciously every man may observe or notice a woman crossing his visual path, he may or may not be attracted to her. Similarly when a man is desirous of forging a relationship he is more likely to get attracted to the type of personality of the female. The personality type will include the physical aspects of beauty, the body language, appearance as well as the behavioral characteristics. At the first instance it is the external beauty and the visual appearance of the person that attracts the attention of the suitable male. Then comes the aspect of instantly liking the personality and then getting to know one another.

Many girls and women who do not understand these aspects of what attracts a man to themselves spend their time and efforts as well as money on enhancing their physical beauty and despite their efforts they do not manage to secure a successful relationship. This may sound absurd but is very true. Those women who haven’t been able to get into a relationship would need to introspect as well as seek counseling in human relationships to understand the dynamics of human psyche. Beauty is not the be all and end all of human attraction and relationships.

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