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Female Viagra

Alternate Approach To Health And Sex Management

Womean is a product of highly complicated and well networked multiple systems that work in tandem. The kind of complex mechanisms and processes that go on in the body is far beyond man’s intelligence to comprehend the mechanism as well as to recreate it. Medical experts are well versed with the physical aspects of the body mechanism. The energy system that powers the human body is not understood by them as yet. What we know of about the physical body mechanisms is a minor part of the entire master plan that includes the cosmic energy and the specific energies that enliven the senses, manages the body functions and lights up the brain and the mind.

Sex Management

Most of us believe that hunger, thirst and sex are but purely biological functions. Sex particularly is a complex system that involves not only the physical body, the hormones and the blood flow, it involves the senses, mind, heart as well as the specific energy that fuels the sex organs in the body.

Indian and Chinese medical systems including Accupuncture and Ayurveda treatments have outlined the system of energy flow in the body and their connection to the sexual functions. The energy is called as ‘Prana’. The cosmic Prana descends down from the ether into the medulla oblongata or the brain stem and is stored in the brain. Further, the prana breaks down into specific pranas that move along specific ‘Nadi’s or nerves and get distributed across the entire body. Each of the specific ‘Prana’ takes care of specific function in the body including digestion, elimination, circulation as well as energizes the sexual organs. It is the specific sexual energy that enlivens the sexual organs and hormones in the brain.

The orientals scriptures enumerate in great detail the functioning of the sexual energy in the body and its relation to the overall health and functioning of the body as well. Lack of libido or inability to perform sexual act satisfactorily can result not out of any physical problem but due to mental health problems or due to the obstruction of energy flow into the reproductive organs. Sometimes impurities in the diet and the buildup of impurities in the body can clog the energy flow causing physical manifestation of the problems and lack of sexual drive. In other cases emotional and psychological unrest can cause blockage of the energy flow into the organs thereby rendering the man incapable of action.

The oriental system of yoga and medicines go to the root cause of the problem and try to eliminate the problem from reoccurring. The modern medicine is able to treat the symptoms and manage the problem at a physical level. Most often the problems arise in the mind or in the energy field and get manifested either in the digestive system or in the sexual functioning of the body. Treating erectile dysfunction with female Viagra and other tablets is of no use until and unless we identify the root cause of the problem and treat the root cause with the right solution. Alternative therapies and methods of healing are gaining acceptance in the west as more and more people are turning to Yoga and other oriental methods for permanent cure to their health problems.

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