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A summary of female Impotence

Female sexual dysfunction or female impotence is the inability of the woman to give and receive sexual pleasure. Unlike male sexual dysfunction in which sexual problem is limited to erection of penis, female sexual dysfunction is the name of many problems. In female sexual dysfunction, the inability of a woman to have sexual desire, problem in becoming sexually aroused, failure of woman to enjoy the sexual activity and inability to achieve orgasm are included. If a woman is having any of these problems then she will be called as impotent. Sometimes, sex organs also do not respond well during sexual activity so a woman who is having this kind of problem will also be included in impotents. Studies show that more than 50% of women become sexually impotent at any stage of their life but the ratio is high in old women. This high percentage of affected women is alarming and might be a reason of failed relationships because sex is the fundamental to marriage. Women who remain unable to satisfy the sexual need of men usually find weakness in their relationship. It is very necessary for a woman who is having any sexual problem to treat it as soon as possible to avoid any problems in relationships.

Before discussing about its treatment, first of all every person should have an idea about the impotence causes. After knowing these causes, women should try to prevent themselves from them so that they remain safe from sexual problem in their entire life. There are several causes of female impotence and some of them are mentioned below:

• Many medical problems like artherosclerosis and diabetes prevent the blood flow to the lower portion of the body and thus stop the sexual arousal.

• Medicines use for high blood pressure, antidepressants and antihistamines can make a woman impotent.

• Depression, anxiety, stress or any other neurological problem

• Fear of pregnancy and feeling of guilt about sex

These are the main causes of female sexual dysfunction. If a woman is able to control over these causes by the help of her doctor, then she has maximum chances that she can spend a healthy life and can have sex like a normal woman. Now the question arises that how a woman will come to know that she is having any kind of sexual problem. Given below are the symptoms of female sexual dysfunction. If a woman is having any of these symptoms, then she should consult with a doctor for proper medical checkup.

• Lack of sexual arousal

• Decrease sexual desire

• No natural lubrication of the vagina

• Lack of interest in sex or any kind of sexual activity like foreplay

These all symptoms point towards female sexual dysfunction. But the woman can treat her sexual dysfunction by the use of proper medicines and doing healthy activities on regular basis. After proper treatment, you will realize that now you are able to do sex with your partner without facing any problem.

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