Female Viagra Pills

Female Viagra

What kind of medication is Female Viagra?

Female Viagra is a drug used by women to increase sexual pleasure. The active ingredient is sildenafil which is available as oral tablets (100mg).

What is Female Viagra used for?

Female Viagra enhances a woman’s sexual enjoyment by increasing libido. The active ingredient allows blood to flow to the clitoris, thereby intensifying arousal and heightening satisfaction.


Female Viagra must be used as directed. Do not make any adjustments to the prescribed dose unless you have consulted your doctor. The usual dose is 100mg taken on an empty stomach about 45 minutes before the start of foreplay. The effects of Female Viagra can last for 4-6 hours.

Missed Dose

Female Viagra is taken when needed, so a missed dose will not apply.

Important information about this medication

Female Viagra should not be taken by women who are allergic to sildenafil.

Female Viagra should not be used by women who take nitrates. The simultaneous use of Female Viagra and nitrates may result in a serious drop of blood pressure.

Female Viagra must not be used by women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Women taking medication for high blood pressure (for example, alpha-blockers) should discuss the risks of using Female Viagra with a doctor.

Prior to taking Female Viagra, you must provide your doctor with details of your medical history. This must include medications that you have used, or are using, as well as any dietary supplements such as vitamins and herbal medications.

If, after taking Female Viagra, chest pain, nausea or other uncomfortable symptoms occur during sexual intercourse, call for medical assistance immediately.

Rare cases of loss of vision or hearing has been reported by women using Female Viagra. If either of these serious symptoms occur, do not continue using this medication, and consult your doctor.

What are the side-effects of this medication?

Symptoms of an allergic reaction include breathing problems, swelling (tongue, throat, face or lips), or hives. If any of these symptoms appear, call for medical assistance.

Common, but not serious, side-effects include headache, temporary blurred vision, sensitivity to light, upset stomach, or facial flushing. If these, or any other uncomfortable symptoms, persist consult your doctor.

If overdose is suspected

In the case of overdose, immediately call for emergency assistance.

Storage instructions

Female Viagra should be stored in a dry, cool place – away from moisture or direct sunlight.

Women sexual life and Viagra

The importance of sexual activity in our life is great. Every person wants to have sex once in his life. For this purpose, the person marries to opposite gender person. Like different health problems, there are many sexual problems also which many people face in their life time. Some sexual problems can be cured by the use of common and simple medicines.

The life of working men is becoming busy day by day and work burden is increasing. Due to numbers of responsibilities, men find a very less time for their medical checkup and then become the victim of health problems. Their family members also ask for recreational time with them but they give a very short time. This thing also increases the differences between family members as well as in relatives. It is advised to such people that they should manage their time so that they can spend their time in each type of daily activity.

On the other hand, those people who remain unable to manage their time give a very short time to their health. In such a way, they suffer with numbers of health problems. Sometimes they even do not consult with a doctor and use ordinary medicines for the treatment of health issues. As a result, their life comes in danger zone and the health problem becomes the cause of permanent tension. Such people should go for a medical checkup if they feel that they are suffering with any medical problem.

Let us discuss about pulmonary hypertension and its treatment with the help of Viagra. By the use of Viagra, the arterial wall relaxes and decreases the pulmonary arterial tension and pressure. In such a way, if the blood flow is low becomes normal and the affected person becomes normal in a few days. If pulmonary hypertension is not treated immediately, then it can also cause heart disease that would be very dangerous for your health. Well, the Viagra is sold with the name Revatio if it is used for pulmonary hypertension. The chemical composition is same as that of Viagra but only name differs. Viagra, in form of Revatio, comes only in one dose that is 20 mg.

The use of Viagra or Sildenafil citrate is highly suggested to those who have altitude sickness. Such people have fear of heights and they face problem in mountain climbing. So these people take Sildenafil citrate before climbing on the mountain. This thing keeps them in their own senses and as a result that easily climb up the mountain. Initially it was not confirmed that whether Sildenafil citrate can help in the treatment of other health problems or not but now it is being used for multi-purposes. This is all about the use of Viagra. You can know more about it from internet.

Being Beautiful

Being beautiful is to do with the kind of the person that you are. Your beauty is the expression of your whole self. It is not only the physical beauty that we are talking about. They say that the eyes reflect the soul of the person.

Sexual health problems

It has become very difficult to take some time out of your busy schedule. Nobody wants to disturb his daily routine because it becomes very difficult to manage the work if it is not handled at right time. Moreover, the office work burden has created too many difficulties for people.


Uterus is otherwise known as womb. It lies in the pelvic cavity in between rectum on its anterior side and urinary bladder on its posterior side. Uterus is a hollow muscular organ with a thick wall. It has a central cavity which opens into vagina through cervix. On either side at its upper part, the fallopian tubes open. Uterus communicates with peritoneal cavity through fallopian tubes.

Changing Times

Times have changed and everything in our life has changed. Today’s children are born with technology. Toddlers use tablets and laptops and grow up with an intuitive understanding of technology. Internet and IT systems has opened up the window to the world. Children are naturally curious and through internet they are able to access a vast amount of knowledge.

Women and Migraine

Women’s health issues are relatively higher and different from that of men. Biologically women are different and go through Bio social changes during their reproductive years from twelve to fifty years of age. Women’s psychological makeup too is different and high sensitive. Therefore the afflictions of women are significantly higher when compared to men.

Health and fitness of women

The health and fitness of women is as important as of men. Since women have to work at their home a lot that is why it is necessary for them to have a good health. Many women do not give importance to their health and remain busy in their home work. A healthy woman can also do care of the health of her children.

Importance of Viagra in women

Many renowned pharmaceutical companies are making new medicines which are being used for the treatment of many health diseases. Some medicines are made to cure some specific diseases while some are made to treat a disease. When we talk about those diseases which are easy to cure then we come to know about cough, nausea and tuberculosis. These are those diseases which can be cured. On the other hand, there are many diseases which have no solution. No one is able to cure those diseases i.e. cancer and AIDS etc. Sexual dysfunction is one of those problems in human being which cannot be cured permanently.

Mental health checkups needed

fact is that health of an individual encompasses his physical health as well as his mental and emotional health. Mental health is more important for it is the mind that first sows the seeds of disease and the body reflects the mental condition.

Beauty Is Within Each One Of Us

Everything in creation is beautiful. Creation is nothing but manifestation of god’s love and beauty. The variation in the colors of flowers, of the woods, the birds and the beauty of human heart are all the expressions of the divine spirit in beauty.

Each and every one of us is always looking to express beauty from within. At the external level we all want to look beautiful. This is not enough. We want to be beautiful persons from within too. So what do we mean by wanting to be beautiful from within?. Not many of us give a thought to how we feel from within. Most of the people today are restless with worries, with too much of anxiety, tension and challenges of life. All of these are hurdles to expressing the beauty of the spirit within. Let us explain it a little more. Man’s nature is peace and love. When one is fully at peace with himself meaning his mind and heart are at rest without any worries or distractions, he is overcome with a sense of love and peace that exudes as beauty. The day to day life is engaging the mind all the time and causing it to be restless. That is why man loves to sleep because then the mind and heart are at rest and he is peaceful. When one is peaceful and brimming with love or positivity, you can see it in their eyes as well as in their whole being. It makes you want to be in their company all the time for it makes you feel good and you want to drink of that peace that they are enjoying.

Women who wish to look beautiful do not have to go around spending hundreds and thousands of dollars looking for beautification treatments that promises them eternal beauty and youth. Any external aid to beautification of the body is not long lasting. It is when the beauty is expressed through the pure heart that makes you beautiful and you begin to attract other people. When people say that you are beautiful, it does not necessarily mean that you are physically beautiful. Physical beauty is only one part of the aspect of visual beauty. Of course not all of us are endowed with physical beauty. Most of us are average looking people and only few are endowed with god given beauty in the form. However each and every one of us has a chance to become beautiful persons and beings by becoming beautiful and pure within.

The key to our inner happiness is to have the right thoughts that are in sync with our inner voice or conscience. Each of us is guided rightly by our inner conscience. However the voice of the inner self is drowned in the restless desires and thoughts that are gathered by the mind through the external sense perceptions. By stilling the mind using meditation techniques and by changing our inner environment we can become beautiful inside and reflect the same beauty outside as well.

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