Female Viagra Pills

Female Viagra


What kind of medication is Female Viagra?

Female Viagra is a drug used by women to increase sexual pleasure. The active ingredient is sildenafil which is available as oral tablets (100mg).

What is Female Viagra used for?

Female Viagra enhances a woman’s sexual enjoyment by increasing libido. The active ingredient allows blood to flow to the clitoris, thereby intensifying arousal and heightening satisfaction.


Female Viagra must be used as directed. Do not make any adjustments to the prescribed dose unless you have consulted your doctor. The usual dose is 100mg taken on an empty stomach about 45 minutes before the start of foreplay. The effects of Female Viagra can last for 4-6 hours.

Missed Dose

Female Viagra is taken when needed, so a missed dose will not apply.

Important information about this medication

Female Viagra should not be taken by women who are allergic to sildenafil.

Female Viagra should not be used by women who take nitrates. The simultaneous use of Female Viagra and nitrates may result in a serious drop of blood pressure.

Female Viagra must not be used by women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Women taking medication for high blood pressure (for example, alpha-blockers) should discuss the risks of using Female Viagra with a doctor.

Prior to taking Female Viagra, you must provide your doctor with details of your medical history. This must include medications that you have used, or are using, as well as any dietary supplements such as vitamins and herbal medications.

If, after taking Female Viagra, chest pain, nausea or other uncomfortable symptoms occur during sexual intercourse, call for medical assistance immediately.

Rare cases of loss of vision or hearing has been reported by women using Female Viagra. If either of these serious symptoms occur, do not continue using this medication, and consult your doctor.

What are the side-effects of this medication?

Symptoms of an allergic reaction include breathing problems, swelling (tongue, throat, face or lips), or hives. If any of these symptoms appear, call for medical assistance.

Common, but not serious, side-effects include headache, temporary blurred vision, sensitivity to light, upset stomach, or facial flushing. If these, or any other uncomfortable symptoms, persist consult your doctor.

If overdose is suspected

In the case of overdose, immediately call for emergency assistance.

Storage instructions

Female Viagra should be stored in a dry, cool place – away from moisture or direct sunlight.

User’s feedback about female Viagra

Female Viagra

Why ought to Viagra concern ladies? At the point when ladies experience menopause, the hormonal changes they encounter regularly prompt a drop in moxie and less enthusiasm for sex. It's tendency following all the way through - simply one more stage in the female life cycle. It's the way we're manufactured and modified, naturally talking.

So what do we do about Viagra and the other ED (erectile brokenness) drugs that are presently ordinary and advertised straightforwardly to men in TV ads and magazine promotions?

It's a critical inquiry to contemplate, in light of the fact that as each lady knows, it takes two to tango. Viagra's effect on men's sexual experiences likewise effects ladies' sexual experiences.

• Viagra is advertised to maturing men whose female partners are experiencing their own particular sexual emergency - menopause. These ladies need less sex however their accomplices now need more.

Isn't this unreasonable? Doesn't this transform the room into a war zone during an era when ladies are powerless (e.g., feeling of emptiness after the last kid left home, feeling less alluring as we age, physical changes because of menopause including balding and weight pick up, and so forth.)

• It appears that Viagra brought up a significant number of issues for wedded ladies about conjugal commitment, for instance. Of course, different letters reflected fervor about spouses feeling solid and certain after a time of barrenness, so the reaction to Viagra in the populace is very mind boggling.

It's not just around a man having the capacity to have pleasurable sex. It's additionally about force and predominance, virility notwithstanding maturing. It's a route for men to deny that they are past their sexual top. What are the long haul suggestions for a general public that has Viagra in its medication armory?

• Viagra was the harbinger of things to come as the pharmacology of maturing and sexuality (sexual medication is in development mode post-Viagra).

• The majority of this is because of a mix of, in addition to other things, evolving demographics (e.g. maturing populace), direct to purchaser promoting/buyer based medication (Viagra being one of the first medications to be publicized specifically to the customer) and pharmaceutical extension.

See that Viagra's ubiquity fits in a specific social crossroads in our history, and there will be/have been a lot of different items to take after (counting medicines) that underline the sacred triumvirate: youth, imperativeness, and execution.

Once more, now that the beginning interest variable has vanished, it is misty how effective sexual brokenness solution truly is. Viagra has impelled a few like items – Cialis and Levitra. Be that as it may, the refill rate on every one of the three is low.

Viagra is positively sociologically noteworthy as it has highlighted numerous social issues in the way we do wellbeing and sex and sexuality in our general public.

Is Viagra use normal inside of the overall public - men of all ages? How can this influence conduct or modify men and ladies' sexual closeness?

It is hard to discover demographic data about who utilizes Viagra, yet in Internet chatrooms, specialists' workplaces, drug stores, and so on you discover men of all ages inspired by talking about the medication.

I talked with young fellows who had bought Viagra out of frailty - an 'in the event of some unforeseen issue' circumstance where they felt they needed to experience some social standard their first time and had obtained the pills (or acquired them) to have some certification of sufficient execution.

Sexual Dysfunction

Things to know about sexual dysfunction and Viagra

The life of people has become so much busy that they do not care of their health. The importance of health is very great. People should do a great care of their health. In this era, different health problems have become the part of our lives. Some of them are common health problems which can be treated by the simple medicines. On the other side, there are many medicines which are being used for the treatment of sexual problem. Sexual problems have increased so much in our lives due to different reasons. One of the main reasons of sexual problems is the depression and many health problems.

In this article, I shall give you a brief knowledge about sexual dysfunction in women and its treatment by the use of Viagra. What is sexual dysfunction? This is a common question that is asked by many women. Sexual dysfunction means the lack of arousal, libido and orgasm. When a woman faces such problems in sexual activity, it means that she has become a victim of sexual dysfunction. She should go for the medical treatment of this sexual problem. Most of the doctors recommend the use of Viagra for the treatment of this health problem.

Why this medicine is considered best for its treatment? No doubt, there are many medicines which are also used for this purpose and people are using them as a replacement of Viagra but their effectiveness is not very good. People expect a good result from the use of a medicine. When they do not get such results by a medicine, they go for the use of other treatments. L-arginine amino acid cream, DHEA and Testosterone therapy are those ways which are adopted by different women.

There are many side effects of using Viagra. You should have the knowledge about its side effects before using it. Diarrhea, flushing headache, dizziness, nasal congestion and rash are some known side effects of Viagra. Some side effects are caused by the excessive or wrong use of Viagra while some are caused by the use of Viagra with other medicines. For example, the use of Viagra is extremely harmful for the health, if it is used by those medicines which are used for blood pressure treatment. If you are facing this sexual problem, you should meet your family doctor and talk about this sexual problem. He knows better than you that what medicine will be effective for you.

Viagra is available in many doses in market. You doctor will suggest you the right dose according to your health condition. If you are suffering with high blood pressure and diabetes, your doctor may recommend you 25mg dose of Viagra. Similarly, he may change your dose if you are quite healthy. The available doses of Viagra are 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. Most of the doctors recommend the use of 25 and 50 mg Viagra because of its severe side effects. A heavy dose of Viagra can cause a lot of problem for your health in future.

Women sexual life and Viagra

The importance of sexual activity in our life is great. Every person wants to have sex once in his life. For this purpose, the person marries to opposite gender person. Like different health problems, there are many sexual problems also which many people face in their life time. Some sexual problems can be cured by the use of common and simple medicines.

The life of working men is becoming busy day by day and work burden is increasing. Due to numbers of responsibilities, men find a very less time for their medical checkup and then become the victim of health problems. Their family members also ask for recreational time with them but they give a very short time. This thing also increases the differences between family members as well as in relatives. It is advised to such people that they should manage their time so that they can spend their time in each type of daily activity.

On the other hand, those people who remain unable to manage their time give a very short time to their health. In such a way, they suffer with numbers of health problems. Sometimes they even do not consult with a doctor and use ordinary medicines for the treatment of health issues. As a result, their life comes in danger zone and the health problem becomes the cause of permanent tension. Such people should go for a medical checkup if they feel that they are suffering with any medical problem.

Let us discuss about pulmonary hypertension and its treatment with the help of Viagra. By the use of Viagra, the arterial wall relaxes and decreases the pulmonary arterial tension and pressure. In such a way, if the blood flow is low becomes normal and the affected person becomes normal in a few days. If pulmonary hypertension is not treated immediately, then it can also cause heart disease that would be very dangerous for your health. Well, the Viagra is sold with the name Revatio if it is used for pulmonary hypertension. The chemical composition is same as that of Viagra but only name differs. Viagra, in form of Revatio, comes only in one dose that is 20 mg.

The use of Viagra or Sildenafil citrate is highly suggested to those who have altitude sickness. Such people have fear of heights and they face problem in mountain climbing. So these people take Sildenafil citrate before climbing on the mountain. This thing keeps them in their own senses and as a result that easily climb up the mountain. Initially it was not confirmed that whether Sildenafil citrate can help in the treatment of other health problems or not but now it is being used for multi-purposes. This is all about the use of Viagra. You can know more about it from internet.

Can Viagra Increase the Vaginal Lubrication in Women?

You may all realize that the guys, as well as experience the ill effects of different sexual impotencies. All things considered, in spite of the fact that these sexual impotencies in the ladies are not as evident and noticeable as those in men, yet the issues in the ladies are more mental driven and can aggravate an individual rationally.

Viagra as a Saviour for the Women against Menstrual Cramps

The time has gone when Viagra was considered exclusive for the male clients and was thought to cure the sexual problems of just the male population. According to some latest studies conducted by some renowned education centres, Viagra has been found to possess some qualities which can benefit the women population as well.

What is the Alternative for Viagra for the Women?

Contrasted with a miraculous pill like Viagra, any such pill for ladies is not turning out soon or is not going to hit the medication showcase whenever sooner. In any case, the inquiry still remains, shouldn't something be said about the sexual issues of the other portion of the populace, the ladies.

Can Viagra Cure the Menstrual Cramps and Aches in Women?

Viagra is, perhaps, one of the most famous and renowned medications for treating erectile dysfunctions in men. It has long been the favorite medication from the doctor's as well as the patient's point of view and has captured a major chunk of the market share for such kind of prescription drugs since its inception.

Myths About Female Viagra Busted

Just when you settle yourself with the fact that the problem of erectile dysfunction in men could be treated by the use of viagra, comes the female viagra. Female viagra has become the talk of the town today and a number of females do not shy away from taking this drug into use for one reason or the other.

The Impact of Viagra on Women

Viagra is chemically known as Sildenafil citrate, it stops a specific enzyme in the human body. Viagra is mainly designed for the males having erectile dysfunction and Viagra is stated not to be used for women and under 18 children, but, there have been recent claims that the drug works for females.

Viagra & Its Respective Positives And Side Effects On Women

Viagra, also known as Sildenafil Citrate is an FDA approved a drug developed for men to solve their issue of erectile dysfunction. Since this drug was developed, keeping men in mind, not much is known about this drug, as to how its long term usage affects a woman; how beneficial or harmful are they to women.

An Insight To The Sexual Problems Faced By The Women

According to an exploration directed by the rumored association known as Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, sexual dysfunctions and clutters in body's ordinary sexual working are thought to be the most widely recognized mental issue which pesters the overall public as of late.

The Benefits of Exercise for Women’s Health

Exercise is very good for the body. It has great benefits that everyone who practice it can attest to. For your muscles and joints to function properly, you must get regular exercise. Women needs exercise a lot. They need it to achieve weight loss, work on their shape and also keep fit.

Benefits of female Viagra

Till now the use of viagra was only limited up to all the men who suffered from the longing problem of erectile dysfunction or impotency. A proper treatment of erectile dysfunction using viagra has let these men get rid of this problem and feel free about their sexual behaviors.

Things To Know About Female Sexual Dysfunction

Women also do have hectic schedule at their home either they are housewives or not. Women experience same things which a man can in his daily life. So the chances of getting health problems are high for both men and women. There are some specific health problems which are only related to women as some are related to men.

Alternate Approach To Health And Sex Management

Man is a product of highly complicated and well networked multiple systems that work in tandem. The kind of complex mechanisms and processes that go on in the body is far beyond man’s intelligence to comprehend the mechanism as well as to recreate it.

A Detailed Knowledge About Male And Female Impotence

Some people experience different kinds of sexual problems and some not. There are many kinds of sexual problems that both men and women can experience at any stage of their life.

Beauty And Relationships

Women are always the subject of man’s dreams, fascination, musing and imagination. Men’s dreams and life are made colorful by women whom he fancies. It is a fact that men automatically notice a woman who passes by with or without any intention of watching them.

Quality Of Life And Quality Of Health

Every woman wants to be a mother. Wanting to become a mother and bring up her own children is naturally implanted biological drive and nature’s way of ensuring propagation of species. Similarly every man grows up and automatically wishes to get married and father children.

How Female Sexual Dysfunction Is Treated?

Impotence is a side effect of different health problems in which the person suffering from it cannot have sexual intercourse like a normal person. We know that men need erected penis before sexual intercourse while women need sexual desire to archive orgasm in minimum time.

Is Modern Day Lifestyle Healthy?

Modernization and advancement of science and technology has changed our lifestyle beyond recognition. Life has never been so easy and comfortable. Every chore and task can now be automated and gadgets are available to help us manage all our domestic jobs at home.

Body Image

Women are truly blessed. They are blessed with the power to bring a new life to the world, with a loving and a caring soul, with a beautiful hear, a sharp mind and with a beautiful body and face. But, not all women are happy with what they have got.

Hypertension In Women

Hypertension, also known as "high blood pressure" or "HBP", is a condition that equally affects both males and females. But, studies have it that, the women who have reached menopause are more susceptible to get hypertension as compared to men.

How To Fix The Worst Of Your Period Problems

When that time of the month starts, it is accompanied with a rapid drop in the estrogen levels in the body. This is your body’s way of telling you that you just lost another one of the precious eggs that make you, you. Thus your body takes a temporary command on your moods.

Different Methods Of Contraception

Planning a family is a big task. With the growing urbanization, every family understands the importance of a correct family planning. Couples are getting modern, women are leaving their kitchen and focusing on their career, making a large family can disturb the financial condition of the household; thus, under all these circumstances, a correct family planning has become a must.

Important Screening Tests for Women

There is no doubt that, the lifestyle today is not so healthy. Unhealthy eating habits, disturbed sleep cycles, long working hours, stress of work, consumption of excessive alcohol, excessive smoking and no physical activity have become a part of their daily routine, thus, leaving no space for sound health. For women, the condition is even worse. They have to juggle too many responsibilities.

Factors affecting health of ladies

Health is the basic requirement for living a good life and there can be nothing of more significant value than staying in a state of mental and physical well being. People of modern era are very much concerned about the life styles.

Sugar – the silent killer?

Sugar has increasingly come under the spotlight over the last number of years. Numerous recent studies have shown a direct link between the typical Western diet that is loaded with carbohydrates and added sugars, and a whole plethora of life-threatening ailments.

Every woman wants both love and sex

There are different hobbies which a person adopt to spend his spare time. Some people like gardening and some like to read books. But many people do such things because they feel uncomfortable with their life partner. There could be multiple reasons behind weak relationship but one of the main reasons is less care.

A summary of female Impotence

Female sexual dysfunction or female impotence is the inability of the woman to give and receive sexual pleasure. Unlike male sexual dysfunction in which sexual problem is limited to erection of penis, female sexual dysfunction is the name of many problems. In female sexual dysfunction, the inability of a woman to have sexual desire.

How to look younger and smart?

The first preference of today’s woman is too look smart, attractive and healthy. Such women are always ready to spend big amounts for their beauty.

Health body and healthy mind for women

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. This is a very famous line often quoted by everyone while referring to women. Not many may know the reason, but the meaning has its roots in astrology.

Being Beautiful

Being beautiful is to do with the kind of the person that you are. Your beauty is the expression of your whole self. It is not only the physical beauty that we are talking about.

Sexual health problems

It has become very difficult to take some time out of your busy schedule. Nobody wants to disturb his daily routine because it becomes very difficult to manage the work if it is not handled at right time.

Functional anatomy of accessory sex organs

Uterus is otherwise known as womb. It lies in the pelvic cavity in between rectum on its anterior side and urinary bladder on its posterior side. Uterus is a hollow muscular organ with a thick wall. It has a central cavity which opens into vagina through cervix. On either side at its upper part, the fallopian tubes open.

Chances of breast cancer are higher in women who sit too much

Times have changed and everything in our life has changed. Today’s children are born with technology. Toddlers use tablets and laptops and grow up with an intuitive understanding of technology. Internet and IT systems has opened up the window to the world.

Changing Times

Times have changed and everything in our life has changed. Today’s children are born with technology. Toddlers use tablets and laptops and grow up with an intuitive understanding of technology. Internet and IT systems has opened up the window to the world. Children are naturally curious and through internet they are able to access a vast amount of knowledge.

Women and Migraine

Women’s health issues are relatively higher and different from that of men. Biologically women are different and go through Bio social changes during their reproductive years from twelve to fifty years of age. Women’s psychological makeup too is different and high sensitive. Therefore the afflictions of women are significantly higher when compared to men.

Health and fitness of women

The health and fitness of women is as important as of men. Since women have to work at their home a lot that is why it is necessary for them to have a good health. Many women do not give importance to their health and remain busy in their home work.

Importance of Viagra in women

Many renowned pharmaceutical companies are making new medicines which are being used for the treatment of many health diseases. Some medicines are made to cure some specific diseases while some are made to treat a disease.

Is Female Viagra Indeed A Tough Capsule To Swallow!

For several years now males have been proud of the effects of Viagra on their sexual libido and definitely, the product sales don’t seem to be diminishing. But these days not only are their products are accessible for men to enhance their libido now even the pretty ladies have the opportunity to use the female products of Viagra such as supplements or creams.

Home Remedies for Female Infertility

Infertility in women is the inability of a woman to conceive after having regular, unprotected sex for about a year. An infertile woman fails to maintain pregnancy or fail to carry her child.

Mental health checkups needed

However the fact is that health of an individual encompasses his physical health as well as his mental and emotional health. Mental health is more important for it is the mind that first sows the seeds of disease and the body reflects the mental condition.

Woman, Thy Name Is Beauty

When god made men, he thought of someone who would be physically strong, fearless, brave and someone who is able to be objective in his outlook and shouldering responsibilities and of leadership. When he made women, he perhaps first thought of beauty and then of love.

Viagra: Women’s New Sexual Stimulator

In 2004, Pfizer Inc., the creators of the Viagra pill acquainted with enhance men's sexual wellbeing and working declared that they would be forsaking eight years of past examination directed trying to add to a medication like Viagra to enhance female moxie and sexual wellbeing. Different items intended to enhance sexual wellbeing in ladies are accessible, yet can these Viagra choices give compelling results when it comes in expanding sexual craving in ladies?

How Does Viagra Work?

Viagra works by obstructing a chemical that goes about as an inhibitor of blood stream. In men, this can bring about penile tissue to swell. At the point when a man takes Viagra, there is an increment in blood stream to the genital regions, which in this manner treats erectile brokenness or weakness in men. The same compound inhibitor influencing male sexual brokenness impacts pelvic blood stream in ladies. The Viagra exploration group endeavored to discover a connection between excitement in ladies and pelvic blood stream in the early phases of trials.

How Does Viagra Work?

On the other hand, this endeavor fizzled, and a few specialists even recommended that genital excitement in ladies does not as a matter of course create sexual yearning in ladies as it normally does in men. Ladies may characterize sexual excitement in light of mental and passionate, and also natural elements. As per a percentage of the scientists taking a shot at the Viagra group, Viagra for ladies or a Viagra option may help ladies confronting sexual brokenness because of reactions of other pharmaceutical.

In situations where sexual yearning is restrained because of enthusiastic or mental variables, a female Viagra arrangement may not be pertinent.

Then again it's not an instance of popping a pill and getting to it - as it is with the men's minimal blue pill - Viagra. In the event that ladies need to see and feel results from the home grown supplement they need to take two pills a day.

Be that as it may, producers Pharma Nord claim it is justified, despite all the trouble, as the plant-based sustenance supplement enhances poor dissemination, which they say is connected to a debilitated sex drive.

Sexual brokenness is exceedingly predominant in ladies, particularly post-menopausal, and they normally encounter issues, for example, absence of enthusiasm for sex, torment amid intercourse or issue coming to climax.

Ladies and Sexual Health
Sexual Health
p>Around 43% of ladies experience the ill effects of some type of sexual brokenness. Sexual brokenness in ladies is portrayed by an absence of craving, excitement, or climax. Absence of craving is thought to be the most widely recognized protest among these ladies.

Around 20% of these ladies report experiencing issues with oil, which can be helped by Viagra-like medications that may build blood stream to the private parts.

Some normal variables that hinder ladies' sexual wellbeing include:

  • family concerns
  • relationship concerns
  • sickness or demise
  • monetary or employment stresses
  • childcare obligations
  • past or current physical or psychological mistreatment
  • weariness
  • despondency
Physical variables that may add to sexual brokenness in ladies include:
  • hypertension
  • coronary illness
  • malignancy
  • diabetes
  • thyroid issue
  • neurological maladies
  • immune system issue, for example, lupus
  • professionally prescribed medications, for example, hostile to hypertensives and melancholy medicine
  • over-the-counter pharmaceuticals
  • medication and liquor misuse.

Understanding and Wellbeing

When we are told that men have their brains in the wrong place, it is quite natural that we might get upset. But it is also true that most men are always preoccupied with the thought of sex most of the times. This phenomenon is not only limited to the young but even with older men too. Billions of dollars are spent by men in search of better sexual experience as well as to increase their libido. The net result is that people have a different view about sex and much of their idea about sex is hyped.


Sex is but a natural biological drive similar to thirst and hunger. In fact sex and health are closely related. When men engage in excessive sex, they end up having health problems. Loss of vitality and vigor is the first result of excessive sexual engagement. Sexual libido is directly the result of hormones that are produced and activate in the body. Along with the growth life cycle of the body, the sexual drive too has a life cycle. With puberty, the hormone production peaks in the youth and this is why we call them hot blooded as they tend to be very passionate and aggressive. With the reaching of adulthood, the libido continues to be strong but the lifestyle and the other environmental effects on the body does take its toll on the individual’s overall health as well as his libido. Men who are on high profile jobs that is stressful and high responsibility roles tend to effect their vitality and libido as well. Exhaustion and stress are the two major reasons that rob man of his libido.

Modern day lifestyle has given rise to lifestyle diseases as well due to the sedentary habits. Diabetes and blood pressure are the two major contributors to the lifestyle diseases. Both these are known to cause erectile dysfunction in men by affecting the blood supply to the nerves in the penile erectile tissues. In such event the individual has no option but to seek medical assistance to find solution to the problem. An active lifestyle is very essential in the middle ages to maintain good physical health as well as good sexual health. The sexual hormone production in the body remains stagnant and steady at this period.

Approaching fifties signals the onset of andropause in men wherein the body begins to reduce the production of testosterone hormone and this results in the reduction of sexual drive in men. This is also a very critical age at which most men are likely to find themselves facing health problems either hereditary or due to environmental and lifestyle factors. Reduction of sexual drive needs to be understood and accepted by the individual as a natural aging process. However in reality many men refuse to accept the changes in their body health and their libido and go looking for various means and solutions to increase their libido thus damaging their health further.

Sex is not purely a physical function or drive but has also to do with one’s mind and emotions. Scientists will tell you that the pleasure during sex is experienced in the mind and not in the body. Understanding of these factors Is essential for every man to be able to develop the right attitude and idea about himself, his sexual health as well as his overall health and well being.

Beauty Is Within Each One Of Us

Everything in creation is beautiful. Creation is nothing but manifestation of god’s love and beauty. The variation in the colors of flowers, of the woods, the birds and the beauty of human heart are all the expressions of the divine spirit in beauty.

Women who wish to look beautiful

Each and every one of us is always looking to express beauty from within. At the external level we all want to look beautiful. This is not enough. We want to be beautiful persons from within too. So what do we mean by wanting to be beautiful from within? Not many of us give a thought to how we feel from within. Most of the people today are restless with worries, with too much of anxiety, tension and challenges of life. All of these are hurdles to expressing the beauty of the spirit within. Let us explain it a little more. Man’s nature is peace and love. When one is fully at peace with himself meaning his mind and heart are at rest without any worries or distractions, he is overcome with a sense of love and peace that exudes as beauty. The day to day life is engaging the mind all the time and causing it to be restless. That is why man loves to sleep because then the mind and heart are at rest and he is peaceful. When one is peaceful and brimming with love or positivity, you can see it in their eyes as well as in their whole being. It makes you want to be in their company all the time for it makes you feel good and you want to drink of that peace that they are enjoying.

Women who wish to look beautiful do not have to go around spending hundreds and thousands of dollars looking for beautification treatments that promises them eternal beauty and youth. Any external aid to beautification of the body is not long lasting. It is when the beauty is expressed through the pure heart that makes you beautiful and you begin to attract other people. When people say that you are beautiful, it does not necessarily mean that you are physically beautiful. Physical beauty is only one part of the aspect of visual beauty. Of course not all of us are endowed with physical beauty. Most of us are average looking people and only few are endowed with god given beauty in the form. However each and every one of us has a chance to become beautiful persons and beings by becoming beautiful and pure within.

The key to our inner happiness is to have the right thoughts that are in sync with our inner voice or conscience. Each of us is guided rightly by our inner conscience. However the voice of the inner self is drowned in the restless desires and thoughts that are gathered by the mind through the external sense perceptions. By stilling the mind using meditation techniques and by changing our inner environment we can become beautiful inside and reflect the same beauty outside as well.

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